‘Abu-Ghazaleh University College for Innovation’ Concludes Executive Diploma in ‘Artificial Intelligence and Data Science’

AMMAN - The Consultancy and Training Center at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College for Innovation (TAGUCI) has concluded the Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, the first of its kind at the Arab world level. 

TAGUCI offered the 300-hour diploma for various specializations and sectors targeting different segments of the society including school and university students, employees and those interested in AI and Data Science. 

During the course, participants were introduced to methods of analyzing, processing and exploring the future of Big Data and Data Cyberspace, to keep pace with the latest developments in science and technology.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College for Innovation (TAGUCI) is a University College specialized in applied business and information technology. It is an independent educational institution accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions. TAGUCI focuses on providing the youth with the appropriate environment to become IT leaders, as well as empowering graduates to innovate and create knowledge and transform it into marketable products.

For further information, please visit the following website: www.taguci.edu.jo