The Album Petra has been ranked among the top ten 2016 Albums by the Italian "Top Jazz" Award


The Album Petra has been ranked among the top ten 2016 Albums by the Italian "Top Jazz" Award
The album PETRA, produced by Talal–Abu Ghazaleh International Records in collaboration with UNESCO Amman and PDTRA, has been listed among the top-ten albums of 2016, in the Italian "Top Jazz" awards
AMMAN - The album PETRA has been ranked among the top ten 2016 albums by the Italian “Top Jazz” jury  composed of fifty journalists and critics specialized in Jazz and World-Music. The top 10 best albums are nominated every year in January by the Musica Jazz magazine. Founded in 1945, Musica Jazz is a well-established Italian magazine dedicated to Jazz music. 
The PETRA recording project kicked off in November 2015, when the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, the JOrchestra, UNESCO Amman and the PDTRA enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged the idea of the Italian trumpeter and composer Luca Aquino of recording an album in the Petra Archeological Park, using its natural acoustic reverberation as an integral part of the composition. The cooperation between the three organizations and the musicians led to the first ever-authorized recording project  in the Petra Archeological Park, an archaeological site of unrivalled beauty and unparalleled architectonical value.  
In July 2016, the album was launched during a special concert held in the Petra Archeological Park, and was promoted under the framework of the UNESCO’s #Unite4Heritage global movement, at a critical and fragile time for the world’s cultural heritage. This powerful campaign was launched in Iraq in 2015, in response to the unprecedented attacks on heritage sites, thus urging global citizens to stand up against extremism and radicalization, by celebrating the places and cultural traditions that make each country such rich and vibrant places. 
The vibrant atmosphere that characterized this project since the very beginning sparked from the collaboration among performers and staff coming from 10 different countries, in this way testifying how the arts can build robust bridges between cultures and transcend geographical, linguistic or physical barriers. 
PETRA is the first recording project produced by the newly established Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International Records, a recording label founded with the aim of developing the music industry in Jordan and the region and of promoting the world’s cultural heritage. TAGI-Records next extraordinary recording project is planned to be set in one of the UNESCO sites in Iraq.